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Meeting with Arenanet's Devs[EN]

Entrevue entre différents développeurs d’ Arenanet

In a previous article, I informed you that Ephiria and Ilyria were roaming to catch some informations at the GC.Before collecting crispy news, our dear friends had first to track down the developers, but, because of the electric atmosphere of the NCsoft booth it was a difficult quest. Luckily, our two friends succeeded in their objectives and offer you a summary of their interviews.

During the GamesCom fair at Cologne, we had the opportunity to meet some ArenaNet’s developers for Guild Wars 2. We met Isaiah “Izzy” Cartwright who was staffed on the GW2 Pvp booth at the ESL zone where visitors could test the 5 vs 5 fights. He has kindly given us a few minutes of his time during his lunch to answer a small selection of questions from our gamers.

Here is a summary of our discussion between bites of grilled sausage & french fries.

In the Guild Wars 2 PvP (Hot join, Tournament, Conquest), or in the Battle of Kyhlo for example, players might try camping capture spots to ensure a successful score. Have measures been planned to avoid a permanent camping of such places?

Yes, indeed. It is sure that players will have to fight to keep a spot to score points. Their opponents will have to throw them out of these points! They can directly attack from front or try to lure them around the map to isolate single players in order to play with the environment, but they will also have some war machines or specific objects available, in this case catapults on the current map. These catapults can target the capture spots and kill the careless players who remain on it. This map, and those yet to be released, have many and varied systems (catapults, doors, passages, NPC, …) which have their importance in the strategy. Ignore them and it would be a serious mistake, said Izzy! We will have to understand their value and use their advantages to dominate the map.

So there will be several pvp maps… but what about GvG? Will it be comparable to what we experienced on Guild Wars?

(big smile)… No, not anymore! There will be nothing like the GW’s GvG in Guild Wars 2. The maps will allow far more actions and the ultimate goal is not to kill the Lord but to seize strategic points. There are also elements to control and some others to evade!

Izzy gives us a vivid example: in an upcoming map, we will deal with the intervention of a large scale flying dragon that will have the perverse pleasure of flying over the area and burning a specific field on the ground with its flames. Root/snare an opponent in this zone, move away quickly and you could enjoy your enemy’s cooking! It’s pretty funny to see, it seems… if the dragon doesn’t burn your character!


In the Word vs World, the number of players on the same area could quickly reach an impressive count. Have you planned technical measures to avoid lags such as a limitation of players or a reduction of skills effects…?

The developers are currently thinking about the WvsW and the stability of the servers. It’s not possible to give an answer but these ideas are proposals to remember… Everything will be done to ensure a quality game with a maximum of players!

One concern: the management of the guilds. Will it be possible to insert a free logo for the guild insigna unlike GW that only proposed a library of pre-created ones?

Is the number of players limited? Innovations ?
The developers have also launched another brainstorming on the guilds’ management and they really want to give the players the possibility to effectively manage their workforce. The insertion of a free logo or visual is a subject they care a lot about but it still remains under questioning as it creates technical and security problems. So.. stay tuned! But as Izzy told me, smiling, “Trust programmers! We never know which surprising ideas they can come with!”.

Our lunch interview came to an end and Izzy had to go back to the PvP booth where many players were impatiently waiting to test the new map. We left him with the assurance that the PvP in Guild Wars 2 would be more than exciting! For my part, I can’t wait !!!!!

Thanks to Izzy and his colleagues for their time (special thanks to Martin, Jonathan and Ree with whom I could discuss a lot about the USA) and to Tristan, to who I confirm that the developers are actually very nice!!!



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