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[EN] First down of Mastarius NA/EU on Suthran

Review of an Occidental First realized by the Elyos.



Huge event in the world of Aion : Sunday 19th December, for the first time in Occident, the World Boss Mastarius fell on the french server Suthran !




This world boss 60, implented with the version 2.0 of the game, appears in the terrestrian abysses only when the two forteresses located in Gelkmaros are under elysean occupation. So taking it out on him  is alone quite an achievement. And killing him is an exploit ! It used to be a challenge in our to-do-list , now it is one of our most beautiful fulfillment !

So, for your pleasure and to inform you, we present you the story of this fantastic adventure, revealed by Celestin, Oxandia and Ansea.

Let me introduce  you to them :

  • Celestin, Leader of the faction Suthran Elyos, in charge of communication,  politic and inter-legion administration. Member of Origine-online.
  • Ansea, Raid Leader of the legion Origine-online.
  • Oxandia, Head staff Origine-online, responsible of the MMORPG section and second in charge of the association. 



Celestin, could you describe us how it has been organised inside the faction?

For some month now, we have set to put back the faction on its feet, which allowed for the communautarian aspect to stand out and to  prevail and to end the little conflicts between the legions, thanks to a common Teamspeak 3 , a faction forum and also a new distribution system of the loots such as medals and stuff droped on bosses, as it is the case today for Mastarius.

I would like to insist on the fact that what this faction has done tonight is really great in the sens that it was by no means a foregone conclusion that we would succeed.

We had a done a first try on Mastarius with 330 Elyos.

We worked very hard for the last week, we had to contact all the legions of the faction again and again and it paid of : we managed to gather exactly 501 Elyos on our faction Teamspeak and, I do not doubt, more on the terrain since we had 3 full leagues.
It is with a huge effort and thanks to a very big faction mobilisation that we managed to achieve this first occidental down.



Ansea, you were the leader of the raid Origine tonight, could you describe us the sequence of tonight’s events?

For Origine, the mobilisation started last week, during which we put a lot of pressure on the asmodian every time our number permitted it.The raids started earlier and earlier and the first days of the week allowed us to test some tactics such as going into the asmodian forteresses and killing the teleporter in order to slow down the asmodian force. 

Concerning yesterday’s down, the first members of Origine Online starting gathering at 6.45pm and the first raid went ahead to kill the teleporter of the southern forteress in Gelkmaros.
The perfect mastery of the raid allowed us to down it without having any loss inside our forces.The NPCs having been controled, we then went to the northern forteress. We started the fight there with Origine on the front line, as it has been the case for every rush this evening.Thanks to the deployment of a large number of siege weapons (Origine alone had about 15), the gates of the foreress litteraly exploded.

After the down of the northern forteress, the 2 Origine raids gathered and  headed to the southern forteress, where, again, they deployed a large number of siege weapons to destroy the gates, the 3rd one felt like paper under such a big destruction force.
The raid had to run a lot of fights between the 1st and 3rd gate to counter the weak asmodian resistance.
In front of our great gestion of the fight against the asmodian dux, our two raids, anticipating the arrival of Mastarius, left the forteress before the end of the fight and went through the asmodian gate by the Lost city of Marayas.

After a quick gathering with our usual allies, Option, Creed, Spartates…(and I am forgetting a lot), the raid sent out its 5 star transformations to grant a passage to the first wave of elyos.
Our goal was to counter the asmodian force before they could set into place to buff up Mastarius, which could have been deadly for us.
We rapidly cleaned the zone where Mastarius was going to appear and took place in front of the northern bridge.

For the rest of the fight, the 2 raids Origine defended the northern bridge, with different tactics in order to prevent the furtive ennemys from going through to the boss (see the video at the end of the news). We scouted the arrival of the ennemys from their point of teleportation and gathering in the refugees village and marayas scrapland.



In the end, the dicipline of the raid allowed us from time to time to send out some of the groups to help hitting the boss to put him down faster.
The asmodians tempted severa times to go through our forces, but were pushed away without great difficulty, thanks to our position in a strategic spot by the bridge and thanks to our members’ dicipline inside the raid.
Lots of pulls happened after one another without any consequent loss on our side.

Our allies came to help us occasionnaly toward the end of the fight against Mastarius, the 2 raids gathered up and some of the players discovered for the first time the boss that they had not seen for the whole fight, proof of the selfless acts of our players which allowed the rest of the raids that were fighting the boss to do so without being disturbed.

As a matter of interest, it sems that our legion as a reputation of being a very strict one on some forums, could you tell us about it ?

I have read on some forums that our legion is being compared to the US army ! It is true that our dicipline may be strict but trust me, in this kind of event it is necessary !



A last word ?

I would like to pay tribute to  the whole community of players for their respect of the  instructions that were given for this event, their  reactivity. Some of our members missed the beginning of the fight, but we put everything into place to allow them to rejoin us rapidly by teleporting them on the spot, so they would not miss this first occidental down. Origine Online members are pround to have taken part in this event.

I would like to thank also Liloumi who assisted me and who took car of the second raid, a though for Falkynn who spent a lot of time and energy to set our faction in motion and who could not be with us tonight.

We also would like to add that this down could have not been done without the help of Assyl who did a lot of work and went through all the details over and over again with Oxandia and so even 1h before the down.

So a big thank to Assyl who managed in vocal on our Teamspeak all the Elyos.

We gave our contribution in term of strategy, as  the siege of the two forteresses and then the down Mastarius was really important for us, being part of our  main goals in Origine Aion, in term of competition.

Well, I am a really curious person, could you tell us which is the next boss in our list ?

Exclusivity from Oxandia : You will never know hahahahaha!
Everyone can guess it, i will not spill the beans, but be sure that Origine will be there for this last boss in 2.0, boss that still hasn’t been taken down anywhere in the world.


This concludes our news. I offer you in bonus some screenshots I took during the fight and also a small pvp video as promised !

Have a good day !







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